Professional/Managed Services

TQM Professional Services is defined as proactive business to execute processes and functions for companies to improve operations and cut expenses. Under this model, the customer is the entity that owns or has direct oversight of the organization or system being managed whereas the TQM International delivers the Services as the managed services.   The customer and the TQM International are bound by Service Level Agreement and  Metrics that states the performance and quality of their relationship. Our pioneering businesses for Business Excellence and Performance Enhancement are growing as globally many companies have discovered the cost advantages and flexibility of managed services and effective end to end services. The focus has been on Low cost, non-core functions, Non availability of skilled talent to Manage Business Excellence and economies of scale. The range of managed services has continued to grow and now includes IT, HR, accounting, purchasing, engineering, call centers and many more areas. WE in TQM International are offering Professional managed services and E2E managed projects for Business Transformation, Business Excellence, Project Management, Account Management and Processes. Rapidly as customers are looking for tangible results at low cost rather than just training in new methods and tools.

Methods of Professional or Managed Services Deliveries

  • Professional Services for Business Transformation
  • Audit and Assessment Professional Services for Business Processes, Quality Excellence, Food Safety and Service Business
  • Account & Customer Relationship Management Training & Professional Services
  • Customer Experience/Satisfaction Management Services
  • Close Loop, Customer Issues Handling Management Delivery
  • Customer Satisfaction Improvement Management Services
  • Program and Project Professional Services, Trainings including Planning and Milestones tracking
  • Business Process Implementation, Improvement and Change management Professional Services
  • Food & Packaging Quality and Safety Professional & Training Services
  • Business Total Quality Professional Services and Training
  • Six Sigma Black and Green Project preparation and execution Professional Services
  • M&B Quality Award preparation, implementation and certification, Professional Services
  • ISO9000 preparation, implementation and certification, Professional Services
  • Define the Balanced Scorecard, KPA/KRA metrics and targets tracking Professional services & Training.
  • Define the Competency, Governance and Resource Professional Services. Customer Care & Services including Call Centre, Professional Services & Training

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