Dr. C. P. Bhardwaj

Balkrishna Industries Ltd

Thanks for Conducting Nice Training session by TQM International team at BKT- Bhiwadi from 16th to 18th May, 2016 on the above subject. The faculty, Mr. Deepak Bansal/Mr. Naveen Bharti delivered the contents of the new version very effectively.

Awal Gulf Mfg. Co.

Awal Gulf Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Private Limited

It was a pleasure having you with us for the last 4 days, We were greatly benefited by your lectures. We hope to see you sometime again soon at Bahrain. Our regards to your family. We feel like we have known you from a long time.

Sabhyata Gupta Quality Manager – MRO

Ligare Aviation Engineering Limited

The best about this course understands about the management system conduction of audit learning about non Conformities and many more things.

Open Program QMS –LAT (3-7 Aug,2015)

  • 1. Basic principal of ISO 9001:2008 and the way of material presented.
  • 2. Course contents, delivery and knowledge of instructor.
  • 3. It is very good and elaborated ,Role plays are very good.
  • 4.Instructor presentation and Interaction.
  • 5.Way of course presentation and interaction with system.

Open Program QMS –LAT (7-12 Dec,2015)

  • 1.Every topic of course is very good.
  • 2.It is beautifully designed and is practical Implementable and very necessary for our organization will implement it in my company.
  • 3.Our tutor and the way be shared his experiences.
  • 4.It was a comprehensive course material to understand all aspects to become a good auditor knowledge of standard.

Open Program QMS –LAT (18-22 July,2016)

  • 1.Practically course was done with lot of actual examples. We learnt lot of about how we can conduct a audit at of our supplies end.
  • 2.To make understand the participants by the practical practice material was very good including trainer Role play & mock test.
  • 3.The interactive methodology with illustration including exercises and role play.

Open Program QMS –IATC (11-12 April,2016)

  • 1.Content and definition, PDCA Cycle overall good understanding of full course with best study material and standard.
  • 2.Very Knowledgeable instructor with excellent study material.
  • 3.Teaching style of instructor and the facilities provided during training.

Open Program QMS –IATC (16-17 May,2016)

  • 1.Presented in a very objective ,simple way.
  • 2.I am new to be a auditor before this we look auditor as a person who’s motive is to throughout our short coming but now it is clear to me that he comes to give something from his bank by visiting which we can improve our system.
  • 3.Involving each and every participants in the context.
  • 4.The Interaction & explanation of materials by instructor was interesting.
  • 5.The above course understand different topic of for auditor and auditee.QMS study very well for organization growth.
  • 6.Through above course I learned more about how can I built a good auditor, auditors’ gap was defined very clearly.
  • 7.Course Material is very interesting & knowledgeable difference between ISO 9001:2015 & 9001:2008.

Open Program QMS –IATC (29-30 June,2016)

  • 1.The pre reading sent before the course is excellent this give an opportunity to be prepared before the course. It gives us the idea of quality standards which is followed globally
  • 2.Instructor responded best to the needs.
  • 3.QMS Internal Auditor training course is very needful helpful for all org. and its member I like this course.
  • 4.The course is very good for the general person during audit and ensuring quality for the company