Advanced TQM

Advanced-TQM Program by Dr. Noriaki Kano (KQRO)

Exclusively for India Jointly conducted under the MOU between KQRO and TQMI

Program Details:

This program is designed based on development of theory and concepts by Kano Quality research Organization (KQRO) of Dr. Noriaki Kano and its application in various organizations thereby developing advanced methods duly proven over time through collaborative effort of KQRO and participating organizations in joint research projects. Dr. Kano shares the advanced concepts and methods with examples from various organizations that participated in the research. The workshop focuses on concepts, vehicles, tools & methods for effective implementation of TQM in any organization. 9th such workshop is being scheduled in 2022 in virtual mode due to the current pandemic.


To build organizational capabilities and to meet aggressive long-term business goals with focus on customer through quality in a challenging environment adapting to emerging information and communication technologies.


Participants to learn about the latest advances in TQM methods and its application in diverse businesses for gaining competitive advantage with effective utilization of information and communicational technologies cutting across various functions in the entire value chain providing distinctive / attractive value to the customer while achieving accelerated business results. This program is available only in India and nowhere else. It is highly appreciative to mention that for past 8 years Dr. Kano has donated his entire fee to Indian Society for Quality (ISQ) a not-for-profit organization for promotion of quality amongst Academia & Industry
The content developed for these programs is a high-level content and is being continuously revised by Dr. Kano for each program based on the latest techniques and tools.

  • Advanced TQM towards “Quality for Sales” from “Quality for Cost”.
  • Authentic Overview of TQM
  • Enhance customer satisfaction through Activated Quality Assurance
  • Kano Model as Attractive Quality theory
  • Integrated and appropriate procedure for Quality Improvement
  • TQM adopted to the IoT environment
  • Aggressive Quality Management for New Product Development
  • Upgraded vehicles of TQM promotion

Awards in his name:

Ishikawa-Kano Award was established by ANQ (2010), and Kano Quality Award was established by Technological Promotion Association (TPA, Thailand) in (2009)

Awards to Dr. Kano:

Recipient of the Deming Prize for Individuals (1997), Distinguished Service Medal by ASQ (2009), EOQ George Borel Medal for International achievements in 2016; EL Grant Medal by ASQ (2006), E. Jack Lancaster Medal by ASQ (2002), Deming Lecturer by ASA (1997), ISQ Dronacharya Award (2008).


Board Director, Komatsu Ltd., Corporate Auditor of Sekisui Chemical Ltd. (2003-09) Board Director, HIDA (former name AOTS)

Chair of Deming Application Prize Subcommittee (2004-07); Chair Professor, Honorary Doctor, Chungyuan Christian University (Taiwan) (2006-12); Advisory Professor, Tongji University (Shanghai, China) (2006-09);
He has been a prominent leader in the world on Quality management for many decades. Creator of Attractive Quality Creation (Kano Model) as well as Task Achieving QC Story. International speaker and educator at universities, international and national quality societies including ASQ, European Organization for Quality (EOQ) and JUSE, and firms in nearly 50 countries.
Published over 300 papers books including Attractive Quality (Kano Method / Kano Model), Guide to TQM in Service Industries (English) and Way to Breakthrough and Creation (in Japanese).

TQMI has done 8 batches of the training which has helped the participants and the industries in Improving their business performance based on learning from these programs. The details of the year wise program conducted from the year 2012 are as follows:




No of Participants


November 28-30

November 28-30 81
2014 February 9-12 Gurgaon 65

December 8-10

Gurgaon 42

November 23-25

Mumbai 77

October 5-7

Gurgaon 47

December 6-8

Pune 89

November 11-13

Gurgaon 43

January 27-29

Virtual Session 136

Dr. Kano is ably supported by Mr. Janak Mehta, CMD-TQMI and Mr. Anil Sachdev, President-TQMI to help participants understand the applications in Indian environment.

A-TQM Program by Dr. Noriaki Kano during November 11-13, 2019 at Gurugram

Question / Answer session A-TQM Program by Dr. Noriaki Kano during November 11-13, 2019 at Gurugram

A-TQM Program by Dr. Noriaki Kano during November 11-13, 2019 at Gurugram

A-TQM Program by Dr. Noriaki Kano during December 06-08, 2016 at Pune

A-TQM Program by Dr. Noriaki Kano during December 08-10, 2015 at Gurugram.

JUSE & A-TQM Session 2018, Mumbai

JUSE & A-TQM Session 2018, Mumbai

JUSE & A-TQM Session 2018, Mumbai.

JUSE & A-TQM Session 2018, Mumbai

JUSE & A-TQM Session 2018, Mumbai