Program Details

Participants to learn about the latest advances in TQM methods and its application in diverse businesses for gaining competitive advantage with effective utilization of TQM principles & Methods cutting across various functions in the entire value chain providing distinctive / attractive value to the customer while achieving accelerated business results.

Recommend cross functional team of adaptive managers and engineers at senior and middle management level under the leadership of one of the top executives to attend for most impact. Participants will be issued attendance certificate duly signed by Dr. Noriaki Kano at the end of each phase.

The program is designed on the basis of development of theory and concepts by Dr. Noriaki Kano (KQRO) and its application in various organizations in multiple countries thereby developing advanced methods duly proven over time through collaborative effort of KQRO and participating organizations in joint research projects. Dr. Kano will share the advanced concepts and methods with examples from various organizations that participated in this research.

Phase Details

  • Online workshop of 3 days duration scheduled
    for February 17-19, 2022.
  • Online sessions by: Dr. Noriaki Kano
  • Participants who have already attended the
    Phase 1 Training during January 27-29, 2021
    can a ttend the Phase II workshop only which
    is scheduled for February 25 & 26, 2022.
  • Online Workshop scheduled for February 25-26, 2022
  • Online session by: Dr. Noriaki Kano and TQMI team
  • This is for participants who have attended
    Phase-I training earlier during January 2021.

A small glimpse of Advanced TQM (2019)

Speaker Profiles



  • Honorary Chairperson, Asian Network for Quality (ANQ)
  • Prof. Emeritus, Tokyo University of Science Honorary
  • Founder of Kano Quality Research Organization (KQRO)
  • Member - International Academy for Quality (IAQ) Honorary
  • Member - American Society for Quality (ASQ)
  • Honorary Member and Principal Counselor - Indian Society for Quality (ISQ)
  • Board Director, JUSE


  • Chairman & Managing Director of TQM International Pvt Ltd. since 2002
  • Honorary Member and Past President International Academy for Quality
  • Honorary Director and Past Chairperson Asian Network for Quality
  • Chairman – Intangles Lab Pvt. Ltd. since 2017 –


  • President – TQM International Pvt. Ltd.
  • Board Member - Asian Network for Quality
  • Academician - International Academy for Quality (IAQ)
  • Honorary Secretary - Indian Society for Quality (ISQ)


  • Entire experience of having a dialogue with Dr. Kano was fascinating. Also irrespective of the industry / domain all the companies following TQM have a very similar set of principles & understanding.
  • Course content was very good, and Dr. Kano taught from very basic level, right from evolution of the concept to the application. It encompassed all important topics well. QA matrix, QFA, Kano model, Butterfly model, NPD, improvement management. Anil Sachdev’s session was good, practical and the touched all critical points.
  • Objective of the program was to understand the relevance of TQM in business and it helped making it important and then application of Policy Management & Daily Management.
  • The simple and lucid manner in which Dr. Kano explained / clarified certain basic elements of TQM, QA & improvements was indeed admirable.
  • It was a new concept for me as I belong to the marketing communication & experience. The fact that the processes/approaches explained can be applied across function is clear & more understood now.
  • It was indeed a great feeling to get an opportunity to learn directly from Dr. N. Kano. The flow was really good and gave great insight.
  • Birds eye view / Worm eye view / QL Circles / Boat Model / DWM / Policy management were well covered.
  • Explanation of Dr. Kano on TQM practices, Teaching of Mr. Janak Mehta & Mr. Anil Sachdev.
  • Going from basics and its interlinkage with practical & business examples was a great learning.
  • Exposure to advanced concepts in TQM, understanding the history and evolution of TQM four student module.
  • Simple course material which clarified and refreshed the concepts of TQM.
  • The practical approach of Theoretical concept with real life examples.