Establishing Governance:

TQM International provides guidance in Governance as a key component of the entire Six Sigma campaign covering specific methods, tools and activities that are essential for sustained success in your organization. Your leadership team can be supported in critical areas of project selection, review and completion of the critical to business Six Sigma Projects.

Our Consulting Services

In addition to conducting courses, TQM International also provides full implementation support while working with client organizations. The support covers:
  • Business process assessment to identify possible Six Sigma Projects.
  • Prioritization of the Projects.
  • Setting up of organization structure for Six Sigma.
  • Facilitating Six Sigma Projects towards the agreed objectives.
  • Documentation & publicizing the success stories.
  • Implementation of comprehensive Six-Sigma system to hold gains.
  • Plan for Horizontal Deployment.
  • Linking the successes and learning with the knowledge management system.

Some Major Improvement

  • Reduction in warranty by 90% in automobile company.
  • Reduction in in-house rejection from 10% to < 1% in engine shop.
  • Increasing production from 500 units per shift to 950 units in a white goods company.
  • Reducing cycle time from 4.2 to 2.4 sec per unit in a data storage device.
  • Improve Due Date performance from 65% to 87%.
  • Reducing order to delivery time by 30%.
  • Reducing eye and finger injuries in a machine shop by 50%.
  • Reduce attrition level by 30%.
  • Improvement in Internal communication process.