Ravi - Dr. N Ravichandran, Executive Director

Lucas – TVS

Dear Janak,
Thank you for your feedback. I do not think any other person to my knowledge is capable of igniting with the right spark for major quality transformation; seen from your National and International perspectives. Some of us are knowledgeable with focus on micro and macro level and not a Global perspective. I am very happy that I am associated with you over the past 30 years.

Dr. N Ravichandran, Executive Director

Lucas TVS

Mr. Janak Mehta spent significant time with each one of the Business heads and Functional heads in educating them, clearly clarifying the relationship between TQM and Business. In the process, he audited all the departments’ documents, brought out the gaps and gave appropriate suggestions which subsequently helped the company for challenging the Deming Grand Prize. Even today people refer the notes taken during their interaction with Mr. Janak Mehta. Everyone in the organization continue to cherish the timely guidance provided by Mr. Janak Mehta.

N. Ramanathan-


Dear Janak,

Having known you for over 27 years and witnessed the enormous contribution you have made to quality management around the world, it is but in order that I write these few lines in appreciation, both of you and of the organization that you have built.

It cannot be forgotten that as early as 1991 you had guided SRF Nippondenso in its introduction of policy management. When in 1992 SRF decided to adopt TQM, you and your team started it off with training programs for senior management from all its businesses. Subsequently you were involved in bringing in Dr. Kume to provide periodic guidance, while your team helped us bridge the gaps. I especially remember the incisive comments you would make during your visits and the way you initiated QCPC at the Chennai plant. What I appreciate in particular is the fact that you taught a brand of TQM which stood for profound transformation on the one hand and could help with application of techniques at the grassroots level on the other. Thus TQM International was indeed a significant contributor to the SRF Technical Textiles Business winning the Deming Prize in 2004, and the Chemicals business in 2012. Outstanding persons like Mr. Anil Sachdev in your team have been instrumental in teaching advanced problem solving techniques to a large number of SRF professionals, which has raised capabilities all over SRF right up to this moment.

I have had the opportunity to witness the operation of TQM International in other companies too, notably, Tata Steel. Your organization has been the first choice of Dr. Kano to support him. The work done on daily management in Tata Steel was in particular valuable to that company in winning the Deming Prize in 2008 and the Deming grand Prize in 2012. No wonder then that your team supports Dr. Kano’s work at Tata Motors now.

I can also not forget the work we did together at the very last minute in helping the Reliance Hazira plant come up to the level of challenging the Deming Prize in 2007.

Through all these years I have noticed how far you would go year after year in building the capabilities of your own team and getting the best training materials and advice there is.

I have no hesitation in recommending your organization to any company which wants to transform itself and has the necessary direction from its top management, and the willingness to last the course by working on its fundamentals. This is because I know that you really do not support shortcuts to transformation.

In wishing your organization continued success, in effect I am also wishing success for Indian companies to come up to world standards.

B Muthuraman

Tata Steel Limited.

Challenging the coveted Deming prize was a bold decision taken by Tata Steel in order to further enhance its product and service quality for it’s customers through systematic application of TQM.

Tata Steel initiated its journey for “Deming Challenge” with the TQM diagnosis in the year 2005. The diagnosis report identified many “Opportunities for Improvement” in the understanding and deployment of TQM principles. While the report mentioned “What needs to be done” to improve, as expected, it did not mention the “How to do” aspect.

It was at this time that TQMl provided us the support and direction in understanding and closing the gaps, in facilitating implementation of Daily management and in conducting training programs for a cross section of employees. These interventions contributed to the success of Tata Steel in winning the Deming prize in 2008. I sincerely thank the TQMl team, led by Mr Janak Mehta, for their active support and guidance.

The journey does not end. We target the next level in Quality, perhaps the Japan Quality Medal (JQM) and expectations from TQMl would be much higher. I am sure TQMl will further augment their resources and capabilities to meet the never ending quest for Business Excellence.

My best wishes to TQM International.

J Ravikant


Thank you very much for your congratulatory message on our winning the Deming Application Award. This was truly a team work of 1500 people in SRF Industrial Synthetic business. I would also wish to take this opportunity to place on record SRF’s appreciation for the guidance and support rendered by TQM International in our journey towards reaching this milestone.

K Nagesh Prakash

Ashok Leyland

Thank you very much for the Deming Prize seminar of JUSE and TQM International in New Delhi 2012. For me it was a good opportunity to get an original impression of the wonderful presentations of the Prize Winners. Furthermore I enjoyed a great discussion and experience exchange with the participants and Dr. Kano. Congratulations that all the Deming Prize winners 2012 came from India.

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., Powerol

“Congratulations to Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., Mahindra Powerol Business for being awarded the Deming Prize 2014. TQM International is privileged to be associated in your journey.”

B. Muthuraman, Managing Director

Tata Steel Limited

Dear Mr. Sachdeva, On the occasion of Tata Steel getting recognised as a winner of the Deming Prize, I would like to, on behalf of all my colleagues, sincerely thank you for your valuable inputs and suggestions that helped us to succeed in our efforts.

Manasi Shakya

Tata Motors, Pantnagar

Hope you and your family are doing well and safe. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the TQMI Team for contributing majorly to my learning curve. It was an honour for me to work with you and Deepak Kulshrestha Sir in the TQM Journey at Pantnagar. Your each and every session, might be the ongoing monthly Project Reviews or the Training Sessions, it always helped me enrich my knowledge of various Quality Tools and other concepts related to TQM and Project Management, and these will surely help me in the career ahead. It’s been great interacting and knowing you. I wish you and the whole TQMI Team, all the very best in their professional as well as personal life and I wish, I again get some opportunity to work under your guidance.