TQMI Competence & Services on LEAN

TQMI team with their proven & result oriented experience can help you in this transformation journey by coaching to develop the in-house skill set, facilitation in identifying the right opportunities, working together with you on solutioning & managing the change for a better tomorrow.

TQMI Offers:
  1. Training & Certification workshops: simulation based workshop which has right mix of theory & case study based exercises for hands on learning of LEAN.
  1. Transformation Projects: mentoring & facilitation for identifying opportunities, solutioning & action planning, change management during the transformation till LEAN goals are achieved. TQM Team has a proven track record of driving LEAN transformation across industries in domestic & international markets.

In case you are interested in our LEAN services for a workshop or a pilot project or a full scale transformation, please contact us at : neeta@tqmi.com