Our Approach

  • Providing “Defect Free Product”
  • Delivering product “On Time In Full Quantity”
  • Prevent product failure through “Mistake Proofing”
  • Higher productivity and lower cost of operations


  • Value Edge - OEM must have value edge over their competitors for market leadership.
  • Value Creation - Fact is that large part of value creation, in most of the product, happens at suppliers’ place.
  • Capability - Therefore enhancing suppliers’ capability becomes inevitable for market leadership.



Our Process

Step 1 - 2

Critical Suppliers Identification by Client based on performance

Step 2 - 3

Onsite Diagnostic Study by TQMI team

Step 3 - 4

Assessment Analysis Report to Client Management

Step 4 - 5

Project Identification and selection basis PQCD

Step 5 - 6

Project kick off and real journey begin

Our Assessment


To assess the compliance, effectiveness & efficiency of the systems and processes as per scope of the assessment


Our Customers