Deming Prize

Deming Prize (DP)

Deming Prize (DP) established by Japanese Union of Scientists and Engineers (JUSE) in 1951 is the only truly international prize for substantial enhancement of business performance through effective application of Total Quality Management. Any organization from any country can challenge it. Deming Prize is awarded to companies that set and achieve challenging business objectives and strategies that are customer focused and quality oriented through practice of TQM principles, concepts and techniques in the entire organizations including supplier and distribution network with the involvement of the all the people. In 2012, Deming Prize Committee renamed its prize and medal as follows. The Deming Application Prize  to The Deming Prize The Japan Quality Medal  to The Deming Grand Prize "The Deming Prize for Individuals" and "The Deming Distinguished Service Award for Dissemination and Promotion (Overseas)" will remain the same. Please contact Deming Prize Committee Secretariat if you should have any questions at

Why Challenge the Deming Prize (DP)

Companies challenge Deming Prize to fulfill business need of substantive performance improvement in a competitive economy using TQM principles, concepts and techniques. It is used as a benchmark. Companies also use it as a means to bring about cultural change in the organization with focus on quality, customer and people development and involvement.

The Guides/Counselors

The winning companies took the guidance from Japanese counselors and Indian counselors for training, assessment and guidance in TQM implementation for Deming Prize. The early starters, since 1990, like Sundaram Clayton and TVS Motors primarily took help from Japanese consultants because there were no Indian consultants competent enough to guide at that time. The counselors were Mr. Bunteru Kurahara followed by Prof Y. Washio and Prof. Y. Tsuda. Mr. Janak Mehta introduced all these consultants and was involved in the initial stages in 1990 to 92 in Daily Management and Policy Management. . Sundaram Brake Linings Brakes India and Sona Koyo were guided by Prof. Y. Tsuda. . Mahindra & Mahindra, TVS Motors, & Lucas TVS were guided by Prof. Y. Washio. . SRF Ltd. was guided by Prof. H. Kume . Tata Steel was guided by Prof. N. Kano and Mr. Y. Ando; Rane Group companies were guided by Prof. Washio and Mr. Y. Ando. Krishna Maruti and Jaybharat Maruti were guided by Prof. Hitoshi Osada. Prof. Hitoshi Kume states that India now has a few counsellors who can provide bulk of the guidance for Deming Prize.

Time frame

This depends upon various factors including the size of the company, age of employees, complexity of business, organization culture and the current status etc. Most companies with over 1000 employees have taken 4 to 8 years.


TQM International is fortunate to have the opportunity to work under the guidance of some of the best known DP examiners over the last twenty years to help many organizations in India in their journey of DP and eventually winning the same. It is typically said it takes about 10 years of apprenticeship under the DP examiner to become a competent counselor. TQM International is the only organization in India that had this unique opportunity. Prof. Hitoshi Kume and Prof. Noriaki Kano two of our guides have been the Chairmen of DP Committee. Prof, Y. Washio as our guide has helped the most organizations in India for challenging DP.