Cooperating to serve India since 2018

Kano Quality Research Office (KQRO) and TQMI has been collaborating since 2018 to provide services to various organizations in India with the use of Advanced TQM methodologies to enhance business performance. KQRO is an organization established by Dr. Noriaki Kano one of the most reputed Sensei in the field of quality management in the world. These initiatives have contributed to building organizational capabilities leading improvement in all round business performance. These companies have either challenged or are challenging the coveted Deming Prize established in 1951, the oldest and most coveted prize in this field.

Since 2012 TQMI has conducted Advanced TQM programs by Dr. Kano for professionals from various functions involved in improving quality of their work every year except in 2013. In all ___ senior executives, managers and engineers have attended these programs. The Advanced tools leverage Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for breakthrough improvement in performance.