The diagnosis is carried out to:
  • To understand the current status of various improvement initiatives in the organization.
  • To identify areas for improvement.
  • Familiarization with the clients business and the executives.
  • To provide guidance on developing a plan for improvement.
  • Prepare a list of potential projects for improvement.


  • The process followed is a combination of discussion with functional head, presentations, company visit and feedback sessions. Also study the relevant data on the company's Key Performance characteristics.
  • Review of Strategic goals, customer complaints and COPQ data.
  • Based on this, laundry list of potential projects will be prepared.


  • Brief report of the diagnosis.
  • List of potential Six Sigma Projects for Black Belt / Green Belts.
  • Need statement / Business case for few of these projects.
  • Priority assignment for these projects.
  • Project Charter for couple of High priority projects.
  • Plan for improvement.


All people in the company should be informed about the diagnosis and it's purpose. Cooperation of the people is a must for effective diagnosis. People will cooperate if they know what is being done and why?

Data / Information required

It would be useful if the following data is readily available during the diagnosis. It would be preferable if such data if available is sent to TQM International about 2 weeks in advance.
  • For the company as a whole state KPI’s & KPA’s particularly the financial indicators showing trend of actual performance against plan for the last 3 years as a whole and the monthly trend for the Financial Year.
  • For each function/process state performance indicators, plan and actual performance trends over:List key issues that are of concern to the company.
    • Last 3 years annual figures.
    • For the current financial year month by month List key issues that are of concern to the company Organization chart.
  • Organization chart

Facilities Required

Following facilities would be needed:
  • Small rooms for parallel discussions by the respective counselors.
  • LCD projector.
  • Flip charts with markers.