The purpose Project Facilitation is to guide the Six sigma project leaders and their team members working on various six sigma projects to learn the application of the DMAIC methodology and the techniques required for Breakthrough Improvement using Six Sigma approaches.


  • Counsellor reviews the project done by the six sigma project leaders along with their respective teams.
  • Criteria for review are the guidelines provided to the team leaders on usage of DMAIC philosophy and deliverable of each phase of DMAIC.
  • While reviewing focus is also on the correct usage of data based tools and its interpretation.
  • Counsellor provides the feedback on the project done along with the future course of action.
  • Specific assignments are given and periodic follow up is done before the next counselling is due.


  • Successful completion of Six Sigma projects in line with the project objectives.
  • Knowledge up-gradation to successfully undertake future six sigma projects independently.