With the needs and regulations becoming tougher day by day to protect the environment by creating awareness to environment obligations, organisations require assistance to install an Environment Management System (EMS), TQM International, with its trained and qualified counsellors provide the necessary assistance in the development, installation and implementation of Environment Management System (EMS). TQM International has helped number of organizations in this attempt and has set an impression in the minds of the clients the knowledge it can impart in developing an excellent system.


To harmonize organization's management structure that addresses the short and long term impact of its processes, products and services to meet all related environmental obligations.


By providing specialized services in terms of initial review, training, consultancy, facilitation, counselling and auditing. " TQM International offers comprehensive ISO 14000 services. Our support includes helping you develop, implement, and audit a successful EMS. These critical steps will facilitate your organizational ISO 14001 certification and, when done well, will serve as the foundation for all subsequent compliance activities."

Services Offered

Awareness & Implementation Training : This training provides in addition to an overview of the requirements of the standard, clause wise interpretation to appreciate the actual requirements. At the end of the training a clear picture emerges to plan for implementation considering all the relevant factors. Purpose & Outcome The purpose of this basic awareness course is to explain the concept behind Environment and its importance relating to future business activities. The strategic importance of Environmental Management Standards will be discussed, along with its principles, core elements and essentials. This is a shortened version of our 2 days Introduction to EMS Course.
  • Appreciate the effect environmental considerations will have on their future business.
  • Understand the essence of current environmental standards ISO 14001.
  • Be able to initiate action regarding Management Planning to meet the future legislation requirements for environmental standards and targets.

EMS Principles

An organization is required to define the policy and its commitment to EMS.
An organization is required to formulate a plan to fulfill its requirement towards the above policy.
An organization is required to define the policy and its commitment to EMS.
An organization is to measure, monitor and evaluate its performance.
An organisation is expected to review and improve the performance with regards to its objectives and targets.