Our purpose is to align with the client’s purpose.

Contribute to the development of people in the client organization and guide in design of work processes that will help them in achieving their goal in alignment with their purpose. While doing so help them create a balance between the processes and the people leading to harmony and efficiency.

Deploy the client organization’s values in their work processes so that it becomes integral to their way of doing daily work, thus creating a culture that is customer focused and quality oriented leading to sustainable business results.


We embed with client organizations as ‘their success is our success’


We walk along and lead you to your goals!

5-1We leverage customer strengths and show the way to effectively achieve their goal through minimal intervention as an efficient way.

5-2This is achieved by following our core value of respect for customer, responsibility for results and discipline to work together.

TQMI – Deployment



TQMI – As a Partner

TQMI, with its core values centered on providing solutions to its customers in a more effective and efficient way by building “partnership with customer” to achieve a culture of Quality  everywhere leading to sustained business results.

TQMI – Across all Functions

TQMI’s commitment, enthusiasm and passionate working to engage with all functions, businesses, geographies and levels of the client’s organisation, facilitates the most sought after change in their client’s quality image and culture.

TQMI – Competencies

The values and competencies of TQMI help in choosing the right method and diagnosing the needs of their clients through an appropriate approach, focussing on solution,  to facilitate the development of business solutions.

TQMI – Capability building

TQMI’s attitude in listening and understanding to their customers’ needs and its ability in developing solutions for the customers is something which TQMI does emphatically, making the objectives of their clients as their own.

TQMI – In various Regions

TQMI, having actively involved in spreading the quality awareness, pioneering the quality movement in India, Middle East, Europe and ASEAN, for many years, has gained knowledge and experience in understanding “the pulse of the organisation” by partnering with the customers to provide business solutions for all challenges in the realm of Quality, Productivity and Cost.