What are the criteria’s for the Deming Prize Winners?
The following viewpoints are used to determine if the company should receive the prize.   1. Based on clear management leadership, management principles, type and scope of industry, and business environment, applicant has established business objectives that are challenging and customer oriented.
2.TQM must be implemented properly in the viewpoint 1 mentioned previously, while achieving company goals and strategies.
3. Outstanding results obtained for business objectives and strategies as an outcome of viewpoint 2, in the manner stated in viewpoint 1.
4. Scoring for winners are on a 300 point scale.
How to Apply for Deming Prize?
  1. Based on the management philosophy of the company, challenging and customer oriented business objectives and strategies, that are suited to the business environment, have been formulated under the leadership of top management, taking into consideration the type of business, business structure and conditions, and the scale of business.
  2. TQM has been implemented properly to achieve business objectives and strategies as mentioned in item 1) above.
  3. As an outcome of item 2), outstanding results have been obtained for business objectives and strategies as stated in item 1).
Which India firms have won Deming Prize?
List of Indian Deming Prize Winner Companies
Year Company Name
1998 Sundaram-Clayton Limited, Brakes Division [India]
2001 Sundaram Brake Linings Ltd. [India]
2002 TVS Motor Company Ltd. [India] Hi-Tech Carbon GMPD [India]
2003 Brakes India Ltd., Foundry Division [India] Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd., Farm Equipment Sector [India] Rane Brake Linings Ltd. [India] Sona Koyo Steering Systems Ltd. [India] Birla Cellousic, Kharach-A Unit of Grasim Industries Ltd. [India]
2004 Indo Gulf Fertilisers Ltd. [India] Lucas-TVS Ltd. [India] SRF Ltd., Industrial Synthetics Business [India]
2005 Krishna Maruti Limited, Seat Division [India] Rane Engine Valves Limited [India] Rane TRW Steering Systems Limited, Steering Gear Division [India]
2007 Asahi India Glass Limited, Auto Glass Division [India] Rane (Madras) Limited [India] Reliance Industries Limited, Hazira Manufacturing Division [India]
2008 Tata Steel Limited [India]
2010 National Engineering Industries Limited [India]
2011 Sanden Vikas (India) Limited [India]
2012 SRF Limited, Chemicals Business [India] Mahindra & Mahindra Limited, Farm Equipment Sector, Swaraj Division [India]
2013 RSB Transmissions (I) Limited, Auto Division (Jamshedpur (Unit 1), Pune & Pant Nagar Plant) [India]
2014 Mahindra & Mahindra Limited, Mahindra Powerol Business [India]
2016 Ashok Leyland Limited, Pantnagar Plant [India]
2017 Ashok Leyland Limited, Hosur Unit II [India] CEAT Limited [India]
2018 Indus Towers Limited (India) JSW Steel Limited, Vijayanagar Works (India) Sundaram Fasteners Limited (India) Rane NSK Steering Systems Private Limited (India)
2019 Elgi Equipments Limited (India) Siemens Gamesa Renewable Power Private Limited, Manufacturing Units (India) JSW Steel Limited, Salem Works (India) Larsen & Toubro Limited, Electrical & Automation IC, Product SBG, Electrical Standard Products SBU, New Product Development (India)
Who qualifies for Deming Prize?
Deming Prize Award is available to individuals and organizations. Deming Prize for Individuals is available every year.
What does Deming Prize concentrate on?
Deming Prize concentrates on the following factors
  • Policy Management
  • Routine Operation of the Organization
  • Collection and use of information
  • Analysis
  • Planning for future
  • Education and training
  • Quality assurance
  • Quality effects
  • Standardization
  • Control
  • Information Communication and Technology (ICT)
When was Deming Prize Established?
Deming Prize was established in 1951.
Who is Dr. W. Edwards Deming?
Dr. W. E. Deming was one of the world’s leaders of Quality management. He had great impact on  American and Japanese industries.
What is the Deming Prize?
The Deming Prize was created in 1951 by the Japanese Union of Scientist and Engineers for commemorating Dr. Deming and recognizing those with outstanding quality management. The purpose of the Deming Prize was to recognize those who excelled in quality control and as a way of driving quality control.  It was also established to thank Dr. Deming for his accomplishments and impact in the Japanese industry.