• Build, operate and coach Quality teams for excellence.
  • Hands on experience in leading organisational transformational projects on cross cultural environment.
  • Passion for quality development, problem investigation, analysis, solution development and execution.


  • Leadership role in Quality Management of Aeronautic and Automotive industry.
  • Comprehensive working knowledge in Quality, Six Sigma and Lean on an international level.
  • Train, coach and help develop people in Quality leadership and as Change agents.


  • 2016 Sr. Consultant – TQM International Private Ltd.
  • 2006-1991 Various leadership roles in Quality, Six Sigma, Business Excellence, Project Management, Business development in SKF both in India and Europe.
  • 1991-1978 Quality Systems Engineer HAL, Helicopter Division. Areas worked: Metrology, Transmission, Assembly and testing of helicopters.


  • Coaching and training people for business improvement.
  • Zero Defect methodology and Improvements
  • Six Sigma project management, Project execution and follow up.
  • Quality management system design and quality assessment.
  • Product, process and supplier assessment.
  • Problem investigation, analysis, solution development and execution.
  • Customer specific quality improvements in both product & service.
  • Process / System bench marking and knowledge transfer in Quality
  • Leading customer approval of product, process and system for new business.
  • Verification of effectiveness of corrective / improvement activities.
  • Systematic follow up and review methodology
  • Supplier development, evaluation and approval process and
  • Advanced product quality planning (APQP) process


  • Knowledge of Quality Management Systems and Six Sigma methodology and an ability to lead the organization towards operational and business excellence.
  • Ability to effectively lead, coach and mentor improvement project teams in the field of Quality and Six Sigma.
  • Capability of developing people, processes and systems to sustain competitiveness of the organization.
  • Actively play the role of ‘Change Agent’ in the organization to implement and institutionalize various initiatives of management such as Six Sigma culture, Zero Defect methodology and Quality Management Systems based on Business process approach.
  • Attitude to understand the needs and expectations of customers and to translate such requirements in to manageable tasks for effective execution to sustain customer satisfaction and to achieve customer delight.


  • Successfully transferred SKF quality culture to newly acquired companies in Bulgaria and obtained approval of European customers for numerous product lines for new business.
  • Developed many quality improvement teams in European factories to sustain customer satisfaction and quality competitiveness.
  • Identified many business improvement projects in line with business strategy and achieved significant hard savings and elimination of waste in European and Indian factories of SKF in Six Sigma.
  • Institutionalized Zero Defect philosophy for the entire SKF Group by developing and implementing Zero Defect handbook in manufacturing.
  • Technology transfer from European & American manufacturing facilities for improvement.
  • Champion Quality Improvement projects. Successfully solved customer application related problems and initiated development of many “Mistake Proofing” devices for related business processes.
  • Propagated Six Sigma and TQM culture through team building, training and communication.