Rajendra K Belsare


  • After graduation I joined Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., Farm Equipment Sector and worked there over next 32 years. I had the opportunity to work in my area of interest viz. “Business Excellence” through applying “Total Quality Management” during major part of my career span i.e. @ 29 years.
  • In addition to driving Business Excellence in Auto and Tractor Businesses, I also had an opportunity to head Business Excellence in other M & M business vertical viz. Agri & Allied Business. This vertical consisted of cluster of several diverse independent businesses, e.g. Agri Business consists of main businesses viz. Fruits & Vegetable, Crop Care, Seeds, Seeds Potato, EPC – Micro Irrigation etc., and Allied Businesses consists of Mahindra Powerol, Spares Business Unit, Swaraj Engines Ltd., Mahindra Heavy Engines Ltd., Construction Equipment etc.

Key Responsibilities and Focus Areas in Business Excellence

  • A) Deming Prize, Deming Grand Prize / Japan Quality Medal (JUSE). B) TPM Excellence (JIPM). C) The Mahindra Way (M & M Group Business Excellence Framework).
    • Responsibility of companywide implementation of the JUSE/ JIPM/ TMW Guidelines.
    • This includes rigorous organization wide efforts w.r.t. promoting culture of TQM, Change management, Project Management, Training & Facilitation, achieving higher maturity in business excellence, thus enabling businesses to be a world class organization and achieve its vision and long term goals.
    • I had a major Role and Responsibility in some of the key milestones achieved during our BE journey -
      • FES winning Deming Prize in 2003 and Japan Quality Medal in year 2007.
      • Mahindra Powerol Business winning Deming Prize in year 2014.
      • Swaraj Engines Ltd. winning TPM Excellence Award in year 2017.
      • Spares Business Unit achieving higher TMW maturity from Stage 3 to Stage 6 during year 2013 to 2019.
      • EPC & SEL businesses achieving TMW Stage 4 maturity in just 2 years’ time from start of formal TMW journey. This indicates enabling in accelerated adoption of TQM way of working by new businesses.
  • Implementation of Quality Management Systems viz. ISO 9000:2000, Planning and Execution of various MR office responsibilities.
  • Implementation of the ‘Mahindra Excellence Model’
    • After winning the Japan Quality Medal by FES in year 2007, with an objective of sustaining the gains and continuation of rigor of Business Excellence journey ahead, I was assigned responsibility to design and implement the customized internal Self-Assessment Model.
    • The Model was designed based on inputs from other International Business Excellence Models viz. Malcolm Baldridge and EFQM. Also the customization elements were brought in based on our learning from Deming Prize and Japan Quality Medal journey.
    • The elements of the Assessment Model are designed specifically to streamline the Company wide efforts towards achievement of the Business Long Term Priorities and Goals.
  • Other important responsibilities
    • • In the beginning phase of Mahindra Institute of Quality (MIQ) i.e. year 2006, I was given an opportunity to extensively support MIQ in developing various training courses for Mahindra Group Companies and others.