• Expert in enabling organisations in achieving manufacturing excellence with knowledge and experience in several business functions embedded in foundation on TQM (Total Quality Management) and TOC (Theory of Constraint).
  • Expertise in challenging Deming award and Deming Grand award in large business organisation.
  • Experience in supply chain re-engineering through TOC (Theory of Constraint).
  • Experience in achieving operational excellence and cost reduction through TQM and TOC.

Experience in business functions:

  • 37 years of working experience in key functions: Production, Maintenance, Supply chain, Technology, Quality, Project management, Commercial, Safety, Environment, Information technology and Business excellence.
  • Leadership role in managing entire business including profit centres.

Areas of expertise :

  • TQM & TOC:
    TQM deployment in Tata Steel to win Deming Grand Prize – JUSE, Japan in 2012 and Deming Prize in year 2008.
    TOC deployment in Tata Steel to achieve DCE (Decisive competitive edge) through Supply chain excellence and operational excellence.
    Creation of “Tata Steel Way” (Target setting, Cascading, MD Diagnosis for Policy deployment).
  • Strategy Management:
    Creation of “ABP (Annual Business Planning) framework for Tata Steel” (patented).
    Risk identification and mitigation.
    Alignment and Integration of large organization through “BOS (Business Objective and Strategy) tree” methodology.
    Customisation of “4 Student model of Dr.Kano” for policy deployment.
  • Supply chain excellence through TOC:
    Implementation of “Strategy and Tactic Tree” based on TOC principles to build, capitalize and sustain supply chain improvement.
    Implement “Replenishment model” achieving OTIF (On Time in Full) of plus 95%.
    Implemented project “SPEED” (Supply chain Program Enabling Excellence in Delivery) with i2 consulting for Flat products supply chain.
    Achieve 15 % higher throughput through “Flow Management” principles.
  • Project Management:
    Planning and execution of projects through “CCPM (Critical chain Project management)” methodology.
  • Manufacturing Excellence:
    Visualisation of process to identify “Abnormalities”.
    Develop Companywide understanding of “System thinking” and “System approach” .
    Develop of “Management system chart” (MSC) for key processes including service.
    Development and deployment of Safety excellence system (Du Pont).
    Visual SOP (Standard operating procedure).
  • Quality Assurance (QA):
    Design and implementation of “Corporate wide QA system”.
    Development of Quality elements based on “Inductive and Proactive” method.
    Linking of QA and Daily Work Management.


  • 2016-2021: Vice president Corporate -Tinplate Company of India Limited.
  • 2014-2016: Vice president (Product)-TRF (A subsidiary of Tata Steel).
  • 2012-2014: Executive In Charge-Tata Growth Shop.
  • 2009-2012: Chief (TQM)-Tata Steel.
  • 2007-2009: Chief(TOC)-Tata Steel.
  • 2003-2007: Chief (Planning-Flat product Supply chain)-Tata Steel.
  • 1998-2003: Head(Cold Rolling Mill) – Tata Steel.
  • 1996-1998: Divisional Manager (Machine Shop) – Tata Steel.
  • 1986-1996:Machine Tool Maintenance Engineer – Machine Shop.
  • 1984-1986: Graduate Trainee – Tata Steel.